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How to Choose a Thai Restaurant in Seattle

How to Choose a Thai Restaurant in Seattle

Seattle Thai Food Choices

Thai Food is such a part of Seattle’s History. Seattle has the most Thai restaurants in the United States. So figuring out how to choose a Thai restaurant in Seattle can be tricky.

Why is there so many Thai restaurants to choose from in Seattle?

The owner of Kwanjai Thai Cuisine Kwanjai says it’s because Thai people like to start their own businesses and food is such a part of the Thai family. Even the taste of the food is different depending on where in Thailand the restaurants recipes are from.

Kwanjai is from the northern part of Thailand where they love spice and strong flavors. Bangkok in the center of the country has a more Chinese influence. Southern Thailand uses more black pepper and fish paste.

Keeping flavor in mind when choosing a Thai  Restaurant is important.

The type of Thai restaurant ranges from your fine dining to your cozy small family business with more authentic food at reasonable prices.  Kwanjai Thai Cuisine falls on the cozy small business side of the spectrum with reasonable prices and large servings.

Seattle Loves Thai Food

Another theory for the many Thai restaurants in Seattle is the strong demand. Seattle loves it’s different Asian foods from Sushi to Teriyaki. Thai food is a natural extension from that. The love of fine cuisine and world flavors runs as deep as Puget Sound.

So with that being said if you love flavor and spice, want authentic Thai food at a reasonable price with large serving sizes, we hope you will choose Kwanjai Thai Cuisine in Seattle. We are located in the Fremont District. When you come in ask us about the different parts of Thailand and how the flavors are impacted.

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